“Often everything that is not tradition is plagiarism”
José Ortega y Gasset

I began to form my method of visual exploration, which was always focused
towards shaping my own personal grammar, strongly oriented to representation, in
the great European art that was produced between the two wars. I set myself the
goal of first and foremost staying staunchly true to myself, without letting myself be
influenced by the dynamics of fashion or market requirements. I have always
insisted on absolute loyalty to artwork, not only in the technique used, but also its
critique and exhibition, since I understand artwork to be like an independent
biological entity, and as such we are obliged to have a strongly ethical relationship
with it.
The art exhibitions of my youth in the 1980s – the awards, exhibitions – were
always an opportunity for encounters. Discovering other artists’, critics’ and the
public’s thoughts has always interested, but not influenced, me. Life dedicated to
art is a continuum, conscious, risky, and if it were not so, it would only be a
bourgeois pastime. For two decades, I’ve been working mainly with recycled
materials. I like to think that matter, like human beings, deserves a second chance.
Pen drawing on recycled paper and old typeset pages, often destined for pulping. I
create unique pieces, both in graphic production and sculpture. I leave the
production of multiple pieces to visual artists and graphic designers. I believe in
quality and aesthetics in artwork and in the right of collectors to purchase a unique,
one-off piece, just like the segment of the life of the artist from which it was created.